Common denominator between a good forklift tyre and a cheap forklift tyre

And that’s sometimes the only common denominator between a good forklift tyre and a cheap forklift tyre – they’re both round (and black in most cases).

But you need to distinguish between a cheap forklift tyre and a cost-effective one. The only cheap thing about a cheap forklift tyre is the initial cost price. Compare this to a cost-effective forklift tyre:
  • The initial price might be higher but it lasts longer – the true price of a forklift tyre is the cost per hour – nothing less. Do you know what your forklift tyres are truly costing you – not the price? A good forklift tyre shouldn’t cost you more than 50 cents per hour. Depending on the application, the figure can be as low as 20 cents per hour. Do you know what your forklift tyres cost?
  • Decent forklift tyres are not only black and round – they possess other important qualities as well. They are normally made up of three integrated layers. The first being the layer that sits on the rim – which should by right have steel bands woven into it to prevent the forklift tyre from slipping on the rim. The middle layer of rubber is the cushion layer which assists in reducing the amount of shock the forklift (and the driver) experiences. Less shocks – less costs. Lastly, the tread layer is the outer layer which if made from natural rubber will last longer than its synthetic equivalents.
    • We at Elite believe in taking a longer-term view on such matters – cheap is not always best. We will however supply you with forklift tyres that will be the most cost-effective over time – that’s the way we do things around here – straight up and honest.

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