Why should I rent as opposed to buying outright?

Don’t tie up your company’s capital in forklifts, rather use it for your business’ productive areas. Rental also allows you to budget precisely with no surprises for major repairs; also bear in mind that the rental amount is tax deductable and is off balance sheet finance. As forklifts become older they become a liability (as opposed to an asset) as their maintenance and repair costs become prohibitive and unpredictable. See Rent A Forklift

What do we do with our old forklifts?

Elite Forklift Rental will buy these from you at a market related price.

What does the maintenance portion of the Elite Forklift Rental Contract entail?

Elite Forklift Rental will maintain the forklift at their own costs, including parts, labour, oils, travel and consumables. The forklift will be serviced at its recommended service intervals on your site by a qualified Elite Forklift Rental Field Service Technician with his fully equipped service vehicle.

Apart from the monthly rental amount what costs will we be liable for?

Your company must supply a driver and fuel. You will also be liable for damages to the forklift caused by driver abuse or negligence. Furthermore, tyres, forks and batteries are for your own account. Tyres could typically last between 1000 – 2000 hours (dependant on a number of factors), while forks could last as long as 3 – 5 years. See Rentals

How do you calculate rental rates?

Elite Forklift Rental looks at a number of factors including the hours worked by the forklift, the operating conditions, the capital value of the forklift and the anticipated value of the forklift at the end of the contract.

What fuel type should we use?

If the forklift is operating mainly outside, diesel is an effective option as it is relatively inexpensive to run (compared to LPG). LPG/petrol forklifts can be used in indoor applications, when electricity is not an option. Electric forklifts on the other hand are clean, quiet and inexpensive to run (given that the operators are prepared to adhere to a few basic disciplines).