Is Forklift Hire in Johannesburg Right for Your Business

For any company that has a warehouse or any other storage area with bulky, heavy items that need to be moved, a forklift is invaluable. This essential piece of equipment is needed on a daily basis. It is perhaps the easiest option available for businesses to move new items around the warehouse, and move new shipments from the loading dock into the warehouse. While it may be tempting to invest in a brand new forklift, you have to consider all options available to your business.

In certain instances, a business’s needs may dictate investing in a new or second-hand forklift. Some companies might benefit from forklift hire in Johannesburg. Determining which option is best for your business will be the important decision. Using forklift rental can help your business to save a lot of capital. This capital can be invested in other areas of the business to help facilitate its growth and ensure that you are able to meet all of your business’s demands.

If your business doesn’t have a large budget for its heavy lifting equipment needs, then forklift hire in Johannesburg can help you to cut back on some expenses. Forklift rentals can be far more practical than buying your own unit. When considering whether you should buy or rent a forklift, it’s best to speak to industry professionals who can advise you on the pros and cons of each option.

Get More Flexibility and Value from Forklift Hire in Johannesburg

If your business only has an occasional or seasonal need for a forklift, then you should duly consider making use of forklift hire in Johannesburg. It affords you access to top-quality forklift technology when you need it, without having the expense of owning a unit. If you don’t have a constant use for a forklift and you decide to invest in one, it will stand in the corner of your warehouse gathering dust for a large part of the year, losing value and functioning.

Sectors that experience a seasonal need for forklifts include the construction and agricultural sectors. Farmers may require heavy lifting equipment during harvesting season and may not have the same need for this equipment throughout the rest of the year. Another reason why it makes sense to invest in rentals is that you are not charged with its upkeep and maintenance.

The rental company takes care of its maintenance, making sure that the unit remains in top working condition and that you get the best value from your investment. Should the unit break down, the company replaces it. This keeps your company’s processes running smoothly, minimising downtime and helping you to meet the demands of your sector.

Turn to Elite Forklift Rental for Affordable Forklift Hire in Johannesburg

At Elite Forklift Rental, we supply a full range of heavy lifting equipment that suits our clients’ every need. Our company has a level 4 BEE status and is also committed to seeing true transformation taking place in South Africa. Each of the units purchased for our rental fleet is brand new and of Japanese origin (designed and manufactured).

We offer forklift hire in Johannesburg starting at daily rates. You can also access long-term rental agreements on a new forklift at incredibly competitive rates, including full maintenance programmes. When you take up forklift rentals with our company, you can also benefit from our competitive insurance rates.

Contact us for rental periods starting from 1 day to 24, 36, 48 and 60 month periods with full maintenance contracts. Partner with us and grow your business to where you want it to go.