Why Should You Opt for Forklift Hire from Elite Forklift Rental?

Elite Forklift Rental is a proudly South African company servicing various important sectors of South Africa’s economy for many years. We make available cutting edge units at competitive rates that help our clients to grow their businesses. Our company is also proud of our Level 2 BEE status and we continue to work towards seeing through transformation in South Africa.

Our cost-effective and flexible forklift hire contracts will help your business to grow. You can access cutting edge forklift technology from one of the premier suppliers of the best brands of heavy lifting equipment in the industry. The Elite Forklift Rental team is at hand to help you decide on the best unit for your business needs.

Why hire as opposed to buy a forklift?

There are many arguments in favour of rather making use of forklift hire instead of opting to outright purchase units. You won’t have to tie up your company’s capital and can rather use it on more productive areas. By making use of forklift hire you can budget for the exact costs and there won’t be any need to budget for unexpected repairs or maintenance of the unit.

Another benefit of making use of the forklift hire services is that the rental amount is tax deductible and is also off balance sheet finance. As most business owner also knows, when forklifts age they evolve from being an asset to a liability as their maintenance and repair costs also continue to rise.

When you make use of forklift hire from Elite Forklift Rental, you take care of the full maintenance and upkeep of the units at our own costs. This includes the labour, parts, oils, travel and other consumables involved with its maintenance. Our forklifts are serviced out regular service intervals on your site by a qualified Elite Forklift Rental Field Service Technician along with a fully equipped service vehicle. It is convenient to you and you will know that your units are always kept in the very best possible shape.

Incredible Flexibility from Elite Forklift Rental

Our forklift hire contracts can be as short as a single day or as long as sixty months – it depends on your precise requirements. Our sixty month period rentals comes with full maintenance plans and offers a cost-effective solution with no repair cost surprises. We also make available a full range of the very best quality and leading forklifts for hire, ranging from 1.5 ton units through to 7 ton units.

Whether you’re in need of a petrol or gas unit, or even diesel or electric, we have the forklift hire solutions that will help you enjoy the full benefit of making use of forklift rentals. The range of lift heights will also be suited to your requirements. All units are delivered to your site on time, which further makes it easy for you to just carry on with your important business tasks.

As a caring company working towards seeing transformation occur in South Africa, we also continuously invest in the betterment of our staff. This is evident in every area of our company and we continue to invest in the development of our workforce, which is Elite Forklift Rental’s greatest resource.

At Elite Forklift Rental, we also make available used forklifts for sale, and also offer a full range of new and refurbished forklifts that are for sale. So whether you are in the market for forklift hire or for sales, we are your number one option in South Africa.

The professional team of seasoned professionals behind Elite Forklift Rental will work closely with your company to ensure that we are able to render an industry leading service and solution to all your forklift needs. This valuable equipment and technology can help you to effectively improve your business processes and to grow your company to where it needs to be.

There is no need why you have to break the bank to access this great technology. Instead, you can partner with an industry leader who will always go the extra mile to make sure that you receive the very best service and products available on the market. Contact Elite Forklift Rental to learn more about our products and services today.