Forklift Hire

How to Select a Forklift Hire Company

If you only require lifting equipment for a specific job or will only use such equipment on an occasional basis forklift hire will be the best option. The maintenance costs of lifting equipment plus the financing costs of the equipment must justify the purchasing of such equipment. If the factors are weighed and it is found that you cannot justify the costs, you will benefit from forklift hire services.

Selecting the right forklift hire company is your next step. Consider the following factors before selecting the supplier of such services:

  • Does the company have an experienced management team?
  • Do they offer insurance?
  • Does the company offer maintenance and service agreements?
  • Do they offer repair of tyres on site?
  • Do they offer only electrical or both electrical and powered lifters?
  • Is there a variety of equipment that can be rented?
  • Do they stock brand names such as Toyota and Hyster known for quality?
  • Will you be able to rent short and long term?
  • Is the company centrally located?

Elite Forklifts has an experienced management team, offers a wide variety of electrical and fuel driven lifting equipment and stocks well-known brands. They offer service and maintenance agreements, will do tyre repairs on-site and offers short and long term rentals. Their equipment is well maintained and they offer insurance. In addition the company is centrally located in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Additional Factors to Be Considered

Also consider factors such as load, terrain, pricing, work hours, functionality, and accessories which may be needed. The experts from Elite Forklifts will be able to answer your questions and guide you regarding the best equipment for the job. Apart from forklift hire services, they also offer new and used equipment for sale and accept trade-ins.