Forklifts to Rent

Forklifts to Rent – Diesel, Petrol or Electric?

There are basically three types of forklifts to rent that you can choose from in South Africa. The first type is a diesel fuelled forklift and is the oldest type of forklift available on the market. However, this does not mean that this type of forklift has not benefitted greatly from technological innovations and been improved upon to meet a variety of modern day requirements.

The tradition behind diesel forklifts to rent is one of the reasons that this is still the most popular choice amongst business owners. Another reason for its popularity is that it has a great reputation for being the toughest and most durable of all the other types of forklifts out there. This toughness makes the diesel forklift the ideal all terrain lifting equipment and is great for use outdoors.

Many people believe that the diesel forklift is not suitable for use indoors. This is mainly because the diesel motor can be very noisy and that harmful exhaust fumes are released during operation. However, just one of the technological advancements that have been made to the diesel forklift to rent is the addition of an exhaust filter to minimise and purify the fumes that are emitted. It is however still not recommended for use in smaller confined areas with little or no ventilation.

Sound dampeners and silencers have also been added to make the diesel forklift much quieter although it is not as quiet as the second type of forklift to rent which is a petrol powered forklift. Petrol forklifts are not recommended for use indoors at all. This is because the carbon emissions are more harmful than diesel exhaust fumes and these emissions are much more difficult to filter.

Although the petrol forklift is quieter than the diesel option it is still considered to be too noisy for indoor use. The petrol forklift is the ideal equipment for outdoor use providing great speed in strength in its operating abilities. The quietest of all the forklifts is of course battery powered and is referred to as the electric forklift which can be considered to be virtually silent when compared to its fuelled counterparts.

In addition to this, the electric forklift to rent does not emit any fumes at all during operation meaning that it is the perfect lifting equipment for indoor applications. Until recently, you would need to have a replacement battery or need to recharge the forklift battery regularly to ensure maximum operation capabilities. However, new innovations are making it possible to purchase or rent a rechargeable electric forklift.

The electric forklift is however not ideal for outdoor work. It does not have the power or the durability of either the diesel forklift or the petrol forklift to rent. It can however be used outdoor for smaller jobs in paved or tarred areas such as parking lots or loading bays. There are a few electric forklifts that have however been designed and created to meet the rigours of outdoor work but these come with a higher price tag.

On the subject of carbon emissions it is easy to see that of the three forklifts to rent in South Africa, the electric version is by far the most environmentally friendly. Next in line is the diesel forklift which does expel harmful exhaust fumes but has a lower fuel consumption than the petrol forklift. The petrol forklift does the most harm to the environment in much the same way as a petrol fuelled car. Make sure that you weight up all the benefits and disadvantages of each type of forklift to rent well before choosing one to meet your needs.