Nissan Forklift Sales Going Green

Nissan forklift sales have adopted a new resolution that is in synch with the way in which the world is changing and moving. This resolution relates to ‘Attaining a Symbiosis for People, Vehicles and Nature’. To implement this resolution a few changes have been made in the way in which their products are manufactured as well as the operation of their wide product range.

One of these changes in Nissan forklift sales has been the implementation of a dedicated engineering department in each of the production plants around the world. This gives them the ability to focus on each of the products that they produce specifically without the weight of the design and improvement of such a wide product range being carried by just one team while not compromising on the knowledge, experience and creativity held by Nissan and their employees as a whole.

There are 4 agendas that have been designed to put Nissan forklift sales on the road to realising their new resolve. These 4 include the Green Program, Eco-Innovation, Clean Air Technology and Earth’s Advocate. One of the most unique of these four agendas is the Eco-innovation project. This project established the AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corporation) which resulted in the design and manufacture of the first and one of a kind lithium-ion powered forklift. This battery has 0% carbon or fuel emissions and results in a great saving in energy usage.

It is simple to do your bit to help Nissan forklift sales to reach their goals in providing better products while caring for the environment. Simply choose one of their products that meet your requirements for lifting equipment and get the benefit getting the best quality and doing your bit to lower carbon emissions and minimise you and your organisation’s carbon footprint on our planet.