Forklift Maintenance

It is easy to see the consequences of poor (or no) maintenance – you just need to look at the world around you – enough said.

Forklifts are hardworking pieces of industrial equipment that require proper maintenance to operate efficiently and safely. They lift loads of up to 45 tons high up – failure of its components can have catastrophic consequences.

The forklift’s drivetrain is often an internal combustion unit fuelled by diesel, petrol or gas. These engines have oil, air, hydraulic and gearbox filters which need to be replaced at scheduled times. Failure to do so can lead to very expensive repairs which could have been prevented – don’t fall into the trap of being penny-wise but pound-foolish.

Worn tyres and/or brakes are extremely dangerous when moving such heavy loads – apart from the inherent dangers one also needs to consider the fact that worn tyres offer less cushioning for the other components on the forklift which can also be expensive to replace e.g. PC boards.

Performing daily checks is also a vital part of maintenance – just consider the plastic strapping that a forklift may have picked up that is not removed. The strapping may pull tight around the front hub and cut into the oil seals which can lead to a loss of  gearbox oil in some cases and gearbox failure (these things really happen).

An alternate view to maintenance is to hire a forklift instead of owning it. The risk now becomes that of the forklift rental company and you are free to focus on your core business. Forklift companies are geared to attend to breakdowns quickly and efficiently with skilled technicians who generally carry the correct parts in their field service vehicles.

So maintain your forklift properly or pay the price.