Forklift Maintenance

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Forklift Maintenance Tips

A few important forklift maintenance tips regarding battery care are shared below. For a forklift maintenance agreement that will not cost you an arm and a leg you can contact Elite Forklift Rental in Johannesburg, Gauteng. They are trusted suppliers of forklifts whether for rental or purchase and they accept trade-ins.

Battery Care

Don’t charge the battery before it reaches about 80% depth which should be near the red zone. Rather than charging the battery daily, charge only when needed to ensure a better life span of the battery. The battery depending on the brand will need recharging about every 10 or 20 life cycles. If you recharge on a daily basis you will shorten the lifespan of the battery considerably.

If overflowing takes place you should rinse the battery immediately with water and if you have baking soda available, you can add some to the solution. This will prevent corrosion build-up. It is important to use enough water for the rinsing to ensure that the acid is diluted enough to prevent damage to the battery. If you fail to do so, the acid build-up will also lead to conductivity which in turn may lead to automatic discharging of the battery when it is not used. White corrosion build-up will shorten the lifespan of the battery. It also poses a health risk to employees that have to check the battery for the correct water level. Rinse the battery at least twice a year to prevent acid build-up on top and underneath the power source.

With forklift maintenance, make sure that you never do the following:

  • Overfill or overcharge the battery
  • Interrupt the charging of the battery
  • Charging it for short periods such as during lunch hour
  • Let the battery go dead completely
  • Overheat a battery.

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