Nissan Forklift Rentals Make Sound Financial Sense

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Nissan Forklift Rentals Make Sound Financial Sense

According to economists, construction and engineering companies in South Africa and elsewhere in the world are undergoing a period of extreme financial stress. When translated, this means that these companies need to find new and innovative ways to employ the capital that are required to expend during the fulfilment of their project obligations. For many companies in these industries this has meant engaging in assets like the extremely reliable Nissan brands of forklift, to be rentals rather than engaging in outright ownership.

The advantages to engaging in the rental or lease of capital equipment such as a Nissan forklift, is one of the most effective ways of making good use of an asset to ensure that the company enjoys the benefits of an extremely useful piece of equipment and does not have to part with large amounts of capital which can then be used for other expenditures.

Not only can this capital saved by rental be used for day-to-day operating expenses but the ability to use the equipment can be a balanced with a bank account that can allow the company to raise more money from a variety of different sources due to the fact that its books will represent a much more attractive proposition without the addition of an underperforming asset. The presence of an asset such as a forklift van give those providing finance pause due to the fact that often the forklift from Nissan will not be used for the full duration of the project but will in all likelihood be standing idle for at least some parts of the project.

The fact that the asset will be sitting idle while other parts of the project are completed means that it will not be delivering the best return on investment and that rental of a Nissan forklift might be a better option to get the most out of any investment. The full maintenance lease is one of the most popular ways to make use of many different types of assets.

A full maintenance lease means that many companies are free to better employ the capital that they have at hand. It means that the financial controls of the company are made much easier due to the fact that an annual plan or a project management plan can be put in place and that the enterprise is not exposed to unusual or unexpected expenses. The full maintenance lease also includes such services as the attentions of fully qualified service personnel and replacement units are also available at very short notice.

The availability of replacement units in the event of the failure of the Nissan forklift increases the attractiveness of the hire of these types of vehicles. By ensuring that replacement units are available at all times and within a set budget the company also ensures that it can meet the project deadlines that it has been exposed to and will be able to satisfy the clients’ requirements at all stages of the project.

Full maintenance rentals of a Nissan forklift also means that insurance for the equipment is part and parcel of the entire leasing agreement. Once again this is tremendously attractive as it does not expose the company to the threat of ever increasing insurance premiums in the event of the asset suffering damage which will lead it to be written off. This in turn again ensures that the company is not exposed to unforeseen expenses which can be extremely damaging within the parameters of the project timeframe and requirements.

Nissan forklift rentals will also allow the company to take advantage of the inventory that many lease companies have of additional equipment that increases the functionality of the unit. Forklifts are well known to be amongst the most versatile pieces of industrial equipment that are available and the replacement of the common bucket or lifting fork attachment of the forklift can increase its utilitarian value tremendously.